Soundbarrier DP-12AUSB
Soundbarrier DP-12AUSB
Soundbarrier DP-12AUSBSoundbarrier DP-12AUSB

Soundbarrier DP-12AUSB



Product Description

The V Series is an an active, 700W portable bi-amp loudspeaker with a built in USB / SD / MP3 Player and BT Wireless with digital display and controls. The USB / SD controller allows for user to insert a USB or SD flash drive with prerecorded MP3 audio files and play them. The BT wireless function allows users to easily connect Bluetooth enabled devices to the speaker and play audio without the hassle and cost of long cables. The controller comes with Play and search functions as well as it’s own volume knob and digital LCD display. The V-15BT is a bi-amp loudspeaker which makes maximizes efficiency and provide crystal clear highs and smooth chest pounding lows. For added flexibility the V-15BT also has an 8 Ohm Bi-amp Parallel output connection which allows users to connect and power a V-15P cabinet using the V-15BT the built in amplifier (One Amplified Speaker powers two speakers).

• 15″ Active Bi-amp Loudspeaker with USB / SD Player, BT Wireless and Controller
• 700W Peak Power
• Class H Amplifier
• BT Wireless to connect Bluetooth enabled devices.
• USB Input
• SD Input
• XLR Mic Input
• XLR Line Input
• Dual RCA Line Input
• XLR Line Output
• 8 Ohm Parallel Output to power an V-15P using the V-15BT Amp.
• Dual ABS recessed side handles and One Top Handle.
• 38mm Pole-mount Receptacle

Additional Information

Weight 46 lbs
Dimensions 17 x 15 x 26 in


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